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Back in the Days

Photographs by: Jamel Shabazz
Introduction by: Fab 5 Freddy
Essay by: Ernie Paniccioli


Seconds Of My Life

Jamel Shabazz

Contributions by Lauri Lyons

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A Time Before Crack

Jamel Shabazz

Essays by Charlie Ahearn and Terrence Jennings

Introduction by Claude Grunitzky, Afterword by James Rodriquez

"It was very important for me to have those handshakes, those hugs, to show that love and that unity. I wanted to capture love and smiles and joy."

Press & Media

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New books: Angela Davis graphic novel; Jamel Shabazz photography; ‘Black Novella’; ‘The Deep’

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In ‘As We Rise,’ Black Photography Captures All the Moves

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Photographer Jamel Shabazz: Eyes On The People

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"I photograph because I want to know more about why we’ve been on this path of life."

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